Giovanni Nuvoletti Prize

Prize awarded to restaurants which significantly contributed to the appreciation and the propagation of the authentic Italian cuisine.
The prize is a tribute to the birth of  Giovanni Nuvoletti, founder and president of the academy, expert on Italian cuisine and one of it's main icons of elegance and refinement. 

4 Tempietti

4 tempietti, maximum rating of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina (Italian Academy of Cuisine).

Diploma di Buona Cucina

The diploma di Buona Cucina is awarded to Italian restaurants in Italy and in the entire world, who operate respecting the tradition and the quality of Italian food and are features in at least two editions of the "Restaurant's guides" ("Guida ai Ristoranti"), with a minimum rating of 3 temples (the maximum being 4).

Jantar comemorativo

150 anos da unificação italiana

The menu for the Academy's and the Culture Institute's dinner in honor of the 150 years of the Italian unification. The menu was inspired on Artusi's work, known as the father of Italian cuisine.


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