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Tels: 2529-8810 / 2529-8766


Our story


Anna was the inspiration behind this restaurant. Anna is the dedicated mother who would everyday prepare dinner for her family. As an immigrants' daughter and agriculturist's granddaughter, she passed on her family traditions and passion for cooking. In her daily routine, she would bake breads, make jam, pasta, dessert and even ricota for her homemade raviolis.  

She would plant on her garden fruits, vegetables and herbs (rosemary, basil and mint), and use what she planted on her recipes. The flavour, the love and the aromas that perfumed her kitchen will always be present in the loving memory of her family.

Our restaurant translates the essence of her devotion to cooking and her teachings: our kitchen uses fresh products in order to make authentic, handmade, Italian food. The fish is bought on a daily basis from the market, the bread is baked hourly, the pasta stuffed the moment the dish is ordered, and the  pasta, sauces, desserts, ice cream and cookies are made daily. At work, Anna taught her sons to devote themselves, to hustle and to work seriously, responsibly and honestly. Our restaurant is a tribute to Anna and all the hardworking mothers and grandmother, who day after day cook because of their love and dedication to their families.


Anna is an Italian restaurant whose main specialty are fish and seafood. The pasta is freshly made upon ordering. 


All the bread, pasta, desserts, ice creams, biscuits and cookies are homemade.

​"Anna is a celebration to family and authentic Italian cuisine."

- Ana Lúcia Aleixo, owner -

Handmade Pasta


Anna translates the essence of authentic homemade Italian cuisine. Fresh ingredients and a daily routine of devotion to cooking. The pasta is stuffed upon ordering and the bread is baked hourly. Bread, pasta, desserts, pastry, ice cream, biscuits, cookies and even the profiteroles' bignets are daily made at the restaurant. 

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